ELEVATOR CONFIGURATOR – the new online elevator configurator of LIWETEC – a forward-looking innovation for the elevator industry – results in improved planning security, transparency, simplification of pricing and preparing of offers.

The elevator technology portfolio becomes more individual and provides in the course of general global changes and digitalization, faster and optimal solutions in all areas. Individual solutions imply new challenges for companies, from calculation to construction. Even for complex constellations, the employees have to know the combinations and compositions of the elevator systems in detail.
With focus on digitalization and innovations in order to offer solutions for the complex and diverse requirements, the development of an online elevator configurator became more and more the goal of the german company from Bobingen near Munich.

With a mouse click to the ELEVATOR CONFIGURATOR!

The new online configurator enables to plan and calculate the complete elevator system quick and easy according to individual requirements and to create a corresponding offer, which can also be used to generate the order. Easy handling and maximum user-friendliness have top priority.
The customer data, the parts lists with prices and the elevator variants are integrated in the Elevator Configurator, whereby an automated calculation is carried out. The construction is based on the generated plans and on the automated assembly calculation times. These tasks are taken over full, error-free and time-efficient. Combinations, that aren´t possible, are automatically excluded from the program. At the end of the planning process, the configurator creates a complete offer that can be printed directly from the system, sent by email or transferred to other systems.
Finally, the order is also generated via the offer and can then be downloaded.

The most important functions:

  • Offer or calculation creation via various fields that are stored with the corresponding calculations, some Elevator Portal calculations (with interface)
  • The generated drawing serves as a planning basis for the construction
  • (Shaft drawing = sketch) with transfer of the data (ASCII table) to the CAD system
  • Commercial design such as article management, calculations, validation, printing of
    offers and integration of the elevator variants
  • ERP connection: import of customer data or price data (commercial parts lists)
  • Inquiries to manufacturers: automatically generated inquiries for articles and order forms
  • Articles specifically requested for the offer are automatically integrated into the configurator
  • Automated creation of documents: Order-dependent documents such as the offer are automatically generated and sent using templates
  • online cabin configurator (with customer access) with visual 3D configuration and VR display
  • Weight calculation: The weight of components such as the cabin is determined by the weight of the component itself and its subcomponents. This provides a very precise estimate of the weights as a basis for design
  • Validation: The validation guarantees that all selected components fit together
  • Administration: The templates for projects can easily be changed and expanded

The configurator is structured in such a way that error-free planning with price calculation is guaranteed and elevator systems which aren´t possible are automatically excluded.

With the Elevator Portal from LIWETEC, whose calculation software is validated annually by the TÜV certification, a database-based system is online available since 2009, which is used in the planning, selection and calculation of entire elevator systems. It´s product and system configurator for the technical calculation of the main components are until today an indispensible part of the online calculations. Many well-known elevator companies around the world use the Elevator Portal modules successfully in their work. In the course of digitalization the Elevator Portal has become an indispensable tool for many companies as well as for test centers.

The company succeeded with the development of the Elevator Configurator an important contribution for the future of the elevator world, true to the motto #WebYourElevator.In combination with the proven eInspection Manager, a digital tool from the Elevator Portal,all orders and systems that have been developed in the configurator can be managed. Several systems can be flexibly combined into groups. This provides ease of work and process optimization for the inspection process. This module has been used successfully for years until today.

The Elevator Configurator is specialized in the specific requirements of each individual company. It is effective and profitable for elevator systems with many customizable combinations of single components and also has a great advantage: it makes the product knowledge (possible variants, price structure and technical feasibility) available to all employees at any time.
LIWETEC offers a future-oriented application for companies in the elevator industry in which the employees are reassured. Delays and sources of error in the elevator system processing are minimized, resulting in an optimal workflow with time savings and profit increase.
LIWETEC GmbH, D-86399 Bobingen

Here the editorial contribution in the international trade Magazine LIFT TEPORT issue 03/2021: https://lift-report-magazin.de/magazine-3-21/#48